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Billing & charges

Where can I view my bill?

Because we believe digital is the future all your bills are only available to view, download or print your bill online on My Account

What should I expect in my monthly bill?

On page 1 of your bill, you will see your ‘Quick Breakdown' which gives all the details and costs of your plan. It also includes the total cost of any charges outside of your plan.

Usage charges - are the totals of all your calls, messages and roaming outside of your inclusive allowances.

Can you explain the charges on my bill?

Clear Mobile Plan - covers the monthly fees for your price plan.

Usage charges - are the totals of all your calls, messages and roaming outside of your inclusive allowances.

Why are there different dates for my service and usage charges?

Your Clear Plan subscription is billed in advance for the coming billing period. All other account charges are billed in arrears at the end of the billing period in which they were incurred.

Where can I see a full list of all charges related to my plan?

To view all charges with Clear Mobile please visit our pricing page

Why is my mobile bill higher than normal?

There are a few reasons why your bill may be higher than you expect:

  • You may have made an international call or have roamed outside of the EU
  • You may have made calls or texts to a Premium service or contacted Directory enquires
  • On iPhone, there is a 7 cent international text fee for setting up iMessage and FaceTime generated by Apple. This will appear on your bill as an SMS charge to 00447786205094


What period does my bill cover?

The dates of your charges will be clearly shown on your e-bill. Your plan is paid in advance for the next month; whereas additional charges are from the previous month. There may be times where additional charges go back further than a month but have only just reached your account. This is usually for calls made while you were roaming abroad.

What to expect in your first bill

When you sign up to Clear mobile, there is an activation fee payable at point of sale, which is immediately taken from your debit/credit card account. As a form of receipt of payment, this will appear in your first monthly bill along with a credit of same amount.
Please note: you have not been charged twice for this payment.

What are premium rate services?

Premium rate services are provided by private companies for a higher price than ordinary texts or phone calls. Such services typically include charity donations, voting activities, TV competitions and subscriptions services.

Premium telephone services:
These are easily recognised by a range of prefixes: 1530, 1540, 1550, 1559, 1560, 1570 and 1580.

Premium SMS services (PSMS):
These are recognised by a 5-digit Short Code beginning with the number 5 e.g. 5XXXX.

See all charges

How do I stop receiving text messages from 5XXXX numbers?

Stop a single premium rate SMS
To unsubscribe from a premium rate SMS service, text the word STOP to the 5XXXX number you want to stop receiving.

You should be unsubscribed within 24 to 48 hours, and will no longer be charged for that service.

Apply a premium SMS bar
This will prevent you sending or receiving texts from all premium SMS numbers between the range of 53XXX-57XXX.

You can have this bar enabled by contacting live chat or by DM to our Facebook or Twitter teams.