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Using your Internet abroad

To ensure your data is working while you are roaming, please check before travelling abroad or while roaming by making sure that the data settings (APN) in your device are set to

Without this setting, your data experience may not work while roaming. For simple steps to update your settings, please see Apple and Android instructions below. 

Apple users: Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Network > APN and enter the following into the field: > select left arrow to save settings. 

Android users: Go to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > enter the following within the fields in this section:

  • Name: Clear Mobile Internet
  • APN:
  • Authentication type: PAP or CHAP
  • APN Type: Default 

and then save settings. 

If you have any questions please contact us through Live Chat or send a private message via our social media channels with our team available Monday to Saturday from 10am until 6pm.

Can I use my phone while roaming in the EU?

Yes, you can use your unlimited calls and texts as well as 15GB of data at no extra cost.

Make sure you have enabled your data roaming on your device to use your data allowance.

How will I know I've used my EU roaming data allowance?

You will receive a text message when you reach 80% and 100% of your 15GB data allowance.

What countries are included in the EU?

For a full list of all countries covered under EU roaming rates please see here

What are the roaming costs outside of the EU?

For a full list of prices for roaming outside the EU, such as USA and Canada, please see here